Aqualert is an electronic subassembly that works with a length of Ormal Electronics’ water sensor cable to provide a complete water detection system. Typically, Aqualert is fitted with 3 metres of sensor cable, although it does operate with lengths up to 30 metres.

If the cable is wetted anywhere along its length, an alarm relay operates to signal that water has been detected. An internal sounder can also be provided if required. As soon as the leak is fixed and the cable has dried out, the system resets itself; the cable can be wetted and dried out many times. Aqualert will detect very small quantities of water - less than 5ml (one teaspoonful) will trigger an alarm. The only requirement is that the water actually touches the sensor cable; high humidity will not cause an alarm, unless condensation starts to form. Response is fast, typically a few seconds.

Picture of Aqualert device

Aqualert can be provided with an electronic interface designed to operate as a sensor for OEM applications, or supplied as a battery powered free standing system.

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